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About Liz Rueger

Liz started as a promoter over 17 years ago. To save time and money----not to mention making a better impression---she did all the catering herself. Next thing you know word spread far and wide----promoters, performers, all wanted her to cook and organize. And that's what she does---and wow!

Special Events

Planning and executing a special event can be a logistical nightmare. Just ask the often exhausted and exasperated organizers of practically any large, mid-sized, or small function. For the seasoned entertainment professionals at Liz ‘n’ Company (a division of Independent Artist Representatives), however, special events are both a creative challenge and a practical science.

Experience, know-how and talent - These qualities allow Independent Artist Representatives’ Liz ‘n’ Company team to provide the highest quality of services to artists and corporate clients alike.

Liz ‘n’ Company has been coordinating special events and catering services for world-class talent for over 17 years. Long recognized as one of North America's top industry special events coordination firm, the company has provided management and hospitality solutions for concerts, conventions, film productions, fundraisers, gala awards shows, community festivals, international sports events, private parties, tours, and massive outdoor concerts.

We are authorities on the planning and execution of special events. We pride ourselves on our ability to match the needs of any corporate or artistic client. Evaluating "theme," budget, demographics, artist availability (we have strong relationships with booking agencies around the country), venue, technical specifications, etc.

Special Event Management Services
Multinational corporations and special event planners turn to Liz ‘n’ Company for full-service management of their entertainment program. We offer a full range of expertise including private chefs for tours, event design, production coordination, catering and site management.

Event Design
We will help you design a creative concept for your entertainment program and we will consult on all aspects of its design and implementation. A comprehensive advanced plan lays the ground work for a smoothly run, successful event.

Production Coordination

Based on specific requirements, we will determine production needs and establish budget parameters for such key elements as staging, audio/ visual equipment, lighting, special effects, technical crew, catering and signage. For the event proper, we can handle all aspects from set-up to tear down.

Site Management

Top-to-bottom coordination and operation of your physical site. We'll develop a site plan, design and implement all structural needs, manage staff and security, deal with transportation, parking, signage, etc.

Rider Development

We offer this service to both artists about to tour and touring/management companies.  If special requests or needs must be met while on the road, we will develop the right rider for each client.  In addition, the service can include follow-through with venues for the entire duration of the tour.  


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