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Independent Artist Representatives

Whether you're a songwriter, a solo artist or an unsigned band, success in the music industry is difficult to achieve. If you're serious about making it you need to get your material to the right people. Unfortunately (as you've probably learned through bitter experience!) this is not as easy as it seems.

It is well known that, for both economic and legal reasons, major record labels do not deal with unsolicited material. In a nutshell, the overhead involved in listening to hundreds of demos per day outweighs the small probability of finding a hit. The upshot is that if you post a demo to a major record label directly then you are wasting your time. If your submission is returned at all then it will be accompanied by a standard rejection letter.

That's where we come in.

Existing A&R departments are set up to serve the music industry. In contrast, Independent Artist Representatives' team of experienced industry professionals are set up to serve you, the musician. We tailor everything we do to what you, the musician, need. We offer both exclusive and non exclusive representation, entertainment/music business consulting services, and special event management/coordination.


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